Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The End

Thank you, everyone, for helping me find the truth. I couldn't have done it without you.





Monday, October 24, 2011



I can only wonder if my Eve had one of these journals.











This is relatively old, but I don't believe I ever posted this. I received this picture in a briefing from Theresa Markovich a few weeks ago about Project Mnemosyne. Apparently, these are the memory chip casings.

IRIS, Again

Simultaneously, it seems, some of the investigators looking into Veil who are on the same list as I am received a package from IRIS.


I had already received a CIA briefing detailing a cyber-terrorist group known as IRIS. They have now made their presence known.

An investigator found a hidden message inside the audio found at Exit-77.

The hidden message was found using audio software, something I had never heard of before. This is what they found:

At the date and time listed, the same investigator who discovered the flash drive at Exit-77 found a package, this one from the organization known as IRIS. Inside, he found this:

A roster of the company CBALtech, previously mentioned as Alec Veil's former employer, from the year 2000. Also included in the package were twelve letters, a correspondence between Alec and his former boss at CBALtech, Joseph Silva.

I'm not sure what order these letters are supposed to go in:

New Insider

I've just been made aware of a new trace of information. Apparently, a third insider at Veil, a female whose identity hasn't been revealed to me, has come forward with more information and is holding a chat tomorrow night. I think I'd like to be present.

Monday, October 17, 2011


This is somewhat new. Today, I received another image from Data Server 3. However, this one also included an audio file.

Vm.archive101311 by bthomasrandall







I've read it over and over. I don't want to look into it too much. It's just a journal, and it's not even hers. If you're reading this now and you're confused, I'm going to try and sum up what has happened recently.

A few of the recent Data Server 3 emails hinted at something happening in New Jersey. Why New Jersey? The old employer of Alec Veil, CBALtech, is located in Princeton, New Jersey. That's all I knew.

Someone who is investigating Veil Nanoscience managed to get to the coordinates that were listed in the Data Server 3 email, and they actually found something.

A USB drive attached to flowers, laid next to the Exit-77 sign along the Garden State Parkway. It was the site of an accident eleven years ago. These files were found on the drive:

003 by bthomasrandall

One of the investigators asked if the voice in this recording was my daughter. I immediately knew it wasn't. They later discovered, and you can clearly hear it in the recording, that it's a conversation between Alec Veil, his daughter Jane, as well as someone named Dr. Fitzgerald.

Around the same time, I was told by another investigator that he had come into possession of a top-secret classified document. Thankfully, he scanned a few pages. One of them is posted below. Eve was mentioned. And that's why I read it over and over. Looking for anything that could tell me where she is.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


What do you I'm posting the new images from dataserver3, a new one arrives. This one is  a cyber-terrorist organization profile from the CIA. "IRIS." Says they are from northern California which is about the only thing I can get out of it that connects, so far.